The final celebration at Dominika's house

As almost the end of our week in Poland we all were invited to Dominika's house for a meal and a celebration. Dominika is of course the Polish teacher who is the main coordinator for the project. As such she was kind enough to invite us all to her house where we met her husband Wotjek and her son Miki.

They had prepared an excellent buffet meal for us with some excellent homemade horseradish sauce and mustard. Both I enjoyed a lot as they were really quite hot.

Drinks were offered and accepted and we all had a good evening even if at first people were sitting around a little nervously

Wotjek decided that we all had to try some typical Polish vodka and brought out a wonderful collection of small vodka glasses. So he poured out the vodka and handed them around and advised us all to take a deep breath and then drink it all at once.

Towards the end of the evening all the different groups gave Dominika and Ewa the presents we had brought for them in apprecation of all the work they had done in setting up the Poland trip.

Miki liked some of them a lot too.

All in all we had a really good evening with even dancing and singing. Though the pictures of that remain top secret!

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