Guillem and body percussion

On the day we were to meet the students we had asked if Guillem could do a short demonstration of Body Percussion. This is a form of music that we both learned when we took the school orchestra to a festival in Vendrell. In the morning there were a series of workshops and we went with our students to the one on body percussion that was being given by some Brazilians. As you can see Guillem liked it a lot and since then has done it with many groups here in IES Roquetes.

You can see him doing this in this video from our YouTube channel. Some of you will possibly recognise the routine.

Though he only had a short time to teach the Polish students I think they did very well.

Though perhaps the teachers really needed more practice.

Fernando made a lot of friends with the girls in his group.

One of the parts that was a little difficult was getting the students to shout. They needed a lot of encouragement.

Most of the teachers in the project took part in the body percussion, though some of them were hiding outside the classroom! Certain teachers participated with a lot of enthusiasm though seemed to be a little confused between body percussion and another game called Bunnies.

In the end it was a great success.

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Ewa said...

Well, having watched Katrin's videos of body percussion I must admit you are right (again) - some of us - the teachers - really could do with some more practice ;-))