Day two, Bielsko Biala

Our second day started with a trip to the biggest local town, Bielsko Biala.

Mostra un mapa més gran

This is not too far from Czechowice, which you can see in the top left corner. In the morning we went on a walking tour of the city which was especially nice as it was a beautiful day and we all got the chance to renew friendships or get to know the group members we hadn't met before.

Lunch was in a restuarant at the top of a building right in the centre of the city. From the balcony outside we could see right out across all the city to the mountains in the distance. The city has been known as the Vienna of Poland (I think) and you can see signs of its splendour in most of the buildings. Now it is very dirty, grey from the contamination and unkempt. From our rooftop restaurant we could see numerous cranes working in the city. All of them were invovled in the restoration of buildings and it was obvious that in only a few years this city will be resurrected from its sovietic grime and will shine once again.

Dominika and Ewa, our Polish hosts

Katrin and Katrin from Germany

Guillem next to Ewa

Nikos from Greece

One of the things that almost caught us by suprise in the preparations for Poland was that it still does not use the Euro. Accordingly we had to order a quantity of Zwotys, monopoly money as always. Whenever you get foreign currency it always seems to be a sort of monopoly money.

Lunch was really excellent and Salomé, Guillem and I were already starting to wonder at the amount of food we were eating... and this was only our second meal in Poland. The company also proved to be really good and everyone got on extremely well.

After we finished lunch we went to a shopping centre not far from the restaurant and walked around it for a while, giving some of us the chance to do some shopping for families and kids. The centre was essentially exactly the same as any you would find in Spain or for that matter the rest of Europe I suppose.

That done and with night coming on we walked back to the centre and... our evening meal. At half past six!! We were only just beginning to cope with lunch and now we had to eat again!

Ewa and me going down the stairs at the entrance to the restaurant

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