Meeting the Polish Students

We had meet the Polish Comenius students in passing when we went on our tour of the school. We had also run into them in the corridors of the school, and also when I was handing out Garrofetes del Papa to them outside the classroom where we held our meetings. But now finally we got a chance to talk to them.

We were sat in groups according to our country and the Polish students were also divided into groups and had a short time in which they could talk to us. The students had all prepared questions about each countrty which they asked us. Of course the questions they had prepared were common so we actually were asked the same questions several times but their English was so good that many of the meetings were informal and involved spontaneous questions and even singing.

One of the questions that we were asked and amused us a lot was about whether we knew how to dance Sevillanas. We had to tell the truth, that the only one who knew how was Guillem (he is an expert dancer). We were also asked about if we were fans of Barcelona F.C. Which for us was an interesting question, Salomè doesn't like football, I am English and Guillem is from Valencia... so we had to say no normally. Of course the obvious question we asked was if they were, not many were but we did find one boy who said he was a fan of Real Madrid!! (It's a plague!)

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